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Evan Nano

I like being with the Hustlers because Coach Fetter is there for you. There are moments where it may seem that he’s being tough on you but it’s for the better. He does it so you can become a better player as well as a better teammate. Another reason I like the Hustlers is because there are no tryouts. No matter your skill level you can always go to the Hustlers and you will get better. All of the coaches are there for kids and helping them succeed. My last reason to share is that it’s fun. I always have a good time when I’m with my teammates and coaches!


Evan Nano is so amazing that he is almost indescribable. I couldn’t tell you how long he has been a Hustler. He shows up in the spring for baseball and just like that he is gone at the end of the season just to show up again next spring like clockwork. He is quiet, and somewhat unemotional; calm, cool, and collected. We love having him on the mound, behind the plate, holding down 1st base, or roaming the outfield. He does whatever is asked without any qualms or quips. He even tried out for basketball when we asked and joined us for a most awesome season of football. 


We are heartbroken that we did not get this one last season with him as a Hustler. We are also extremely grateful for the time we had and to be able to honor him still as the Hustler Highlight. It is well deserved. Hopefully this will not be the end and we will see him again in the Yellow and Red as a coach. Until that day, keep Hustlin’ Evan.

-Coach Fetter

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