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Jack Behrens

Jack said his favorite sport is baseball. "I like to hit the ball and I like to run, but I am not such a big fan of playing outfield."  Jack also said he likes being a Hustler because he gets to play 3 different sports, makes new friends, and it's something he gets to do with dad. Being a Hustler also helps him to grow as a person.

Jack had an interesting first season with UFA. Due to obligations with other Hustler baseball teams I was only able to attend one half of one tee ball game. My experience with Jack was second hand until the following flag football season. Jack wasn’t the best athlete on the field and like most young kids, his interest level didn’t always seem high. However, Jack always showed up. This is a key component in

success and throughout the years and season after season Jack continues to see success. 


Our first two goals as Hustlers are to Have Fun and Get Better. I doubt he’d still be around if he wasn’t having fun and Jack has improved tremendously. He amazes me as he continues to grow and develop. I love seeing how far he has come not only in athletic ability but also as a teammate, his knowledge for the game,and mostly as an individual. I am looking forward to watching Jack continue to UnFetter His Potential and to see all that he will accomplish.


-Coach Fetter

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Through sports, our goal is to help young men learn and develop strong leadership skills so they can positively influence the world.
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