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Andrew Fetter is founder of UnFettered Athletics and head coach for the Hustlers teams. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska and grew up in Council Bluffs, Iowa graduating from St. Albert High School in 2001. He is one of five boys and now raises five boys of his own with his wife Crystal in Carter Lake, Iowa. He has coached all of his boys thus far and since fall of 2011 has coached teams every season in baseball, flag football, and basketball. He has an Associate’s degree in K-12 Education from Iowa Western and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Leadership from Grace University. He is responsible for most on the field activities including planning practices, coaching games, and teaching kids off the field values through on the field experiences. He has been central in planning the vision, branding, and identity of the Hustlers and UnFettered Athletics.


Crystal Fetter is founder of UnFettered Athletics and administrator. She and Andrew have been married since 2003 and share five children together. She grew up in Crescent, Iowa and Council Bluffs and is a Thomas Jefferson Alumni. Crystal has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Bellevue University and puts it to good use in her role with UnFettered Athletics and the Hustlers. While Andrew handles the coaching on the field Crystal takes care of the majority of off the field activities, events, and projects. She organizes everything from team rosters and uniforms, photographer and pictures, merchandise, scheduling, our annual visit to Werner Park for a Storm Chasers game, our UnAthletics fall fundraiser, and much, much more. Her contributions are immeasurable and invaluable. She is truly a Swiss Army Knife for all UnFettered and Hustlers activities.

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