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As our organization has grown and we’ve continued to add families we constantly look for ways to improve what we do and offer more opportunities for families. In 2018 after years of discussion we were able to add a Hustler Cheer Team!!!


We had offered a cheer opportunity at our 'UnAthletics' fundraiser, but now we were able to formalize a cheer program and offer something unique. Like much of what we’ve done as UFA, the cheer squad came about organically and at just the right time. It also reflects our mission, values, and goals.


Unlike other cheer programs that involve high costs, elaborate uniforms, and travel for competitions, our Hustler Cheer is recreational, introducing girls to the sport and teaching them the fundamentals while advancing at their level of growth and development. They practice once a week, learning new cheers, while reviewing and building on previous practices, and preparing to cheer at our weekly games.

Our cheerleaders love learning and growing, and cheering for their favorite football or basketball player and it has been a great program to get more individuals and families involved in Unfettered Athletics. If you would like to be a part of this fantastic program registration for cheer during flag football will open in July. We look forward to seeing and hearing you add excitement and fun to our basketball games!

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