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Ryan Dmyterko

Ryan joined the Hustlers for our inaugural UnFettered Athletics Flag Football season in 2015. The next season he decided not to play basketball with us opting instead for parkour (whatever that is) and I have yet to see any parkour skills. He rejoined the team for baseball, football again, and this season for basketball.


It has been a joy to watch his development as a person, leader, teammate, and as a by-product an athlete. We look forward to many seasons of Ryan’s positivity and work ethic. He seems to always Have Fun and Get Better.

Coach Fetter

"Coach Fetter teaches really well. He doesn't go from one thing to the next until we understand. he always yells "hustle", "Have fun, get better", "there's a winning and learning", "Don't quit keep going". He taught me this. 

Coach Fetter teaches us to be good teammates. He doesn't just teach us football. Coach Fetter is a really good teacher and coach.

P.S. I'm more handsome than he is."

Ryan Dmyterko

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