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Bronx Fetter

“Being a Hustler means being with people you love while being able to be outside and being active. If you are happy the whole team is happy. If you are sad the whole team is sad. You are all one no matter what. You are not alone, and that makes me happy."

-Bronx Fetter

"My experiences with Bronx started back the first year the Hustlers were formed, and continued for several years after that. He was not the biggest or most athletic boy on the team, but I've never seen someone with more heart and desire to become the best he can be than what I witnessed in Bronx. Some might think Bronx worked harder to become the best because his father was also his coach. What I saw was a boy who just wanted to be the best at anything he was doing. He was trying to please his Dad, his Mom, his Grandparents, his siblings, but mostly himself and his faith in what he could become if he put in the effort."

-Coach Woods

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"Bronx was a great kid to coach. He was very knowledgeable about whatever game we were teaching him. He also gave his best effort and was always very respectful and paid attention. It was a privilege to coach him. I have missed coaching him over the last few years, as it was a great honor. I wish him well as he moves on from the Hustlers."

-Coach Costello


"This month I have the honor of highlighting a special student-athlete for the Hustlers and UnFettered Athletics Association, Bronx Fetter. It’s been some time since I’ve been able to personally call in plays to this young man, but I’ve still had the privilege of watching him grow over the years in the program. One thing always struck me about him and I believe still holds true today: Bronx has the spirit of a leader.

I began coaching Bronx the very first season the UnFettered Flag Football League began. We focused on many new fundamentals of the sports from throwing and catching a football to taking a hand off and learning the correct places to line up. This can be a lot to take in at once, but Bronx was the kind of kid who saw the big picture and was able to understand the aspects of every position. He soon became one of the key quarterbacks for our team and my favorite moments were where he would say “Coach, I have an idea!” and before you know it we were putting his ideas into motion.

It is often said that “the game is 90% mental and 10% physical.” I believe this is a principle that Bronx continues to apply today. He continues to work hard to become a better technician with the physical aspects of his game, but what fuels his performance on any field or court is his mental preparation and Bronx excels when he has trained his mind. This characteristic separates this month’s Hustler Highlight from others and will continue to take him far as he continues his athletic career."

-Coach Vander Velde

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"To hustle means to play a sport in an alert and aggressive manner. In all of our years coaching, no one has Hustled the way he Hustles. For years during his end of season recognition I would comment how he was the best at thinking. He’s analytic, hungers for knowledge, listens and studies hard, and knows the game well. His alertness is why so many coaches love having him on their team, trust him with the ball in his hands, and value his leadership on the field. 

Like many Hustlers, and persons in general, his strength can often be his weakness. Sometimes he thinks he knows more than he does, or even more than the coach or official. It is really on display when the aggressiveness comes out in uncontrollable passion. When he lacks self control and my frustration grows, another coach or official will often comment on how they love the heart and passion with which he plays. I will also often say that I prefer one make a mistake of being too aggressive than not aggressive enough. He who hesitates loses, and he rarely hesitates. 


His weakness also became his greatest strength. Never the biggest, strongest, fastest, or most athletic, he has put in the hard work to get where he is today. He gives everything he has to make up for what he may lack and it is rare to see him out worked. It has been a joy to watch him grow and develop physically to match the effort he has always given. It is even more joyous to see how he has grown as a person off of the field. He has been a valuable asset to me and our assistants as a junior coach. I don’t think he realizes how far his leadership extends and how it has trickled down to even the youngest of Hustlers through his coaching and more so, his example. I see his knowledge, hunger, heart, passion, and work ethic in many of the long time and next crop of Hustlers. 


I don’t use absolutes often. There has never been and will never be another Hustler like Bronx.

It has been a pleasure and an honor. It is wonderful to be able to recognize him in his 25th and final season as a Hustler. If you get the chance this summer, before it’s too late, come out and watch Bronx do what he does and what he loves. And definitely check out what his other coaches through the years have to say.

Thank you Bronx."


"I had the honor of serving as assistant coach for Bronx’s team for 3 seasons and was always impressed at his love for and knowledge of the game. Bronx was willing to try any position and give it his all and usually fared quite well. I think I was most impressed with his ability to confidently approach the plate and switch-hit even at the age of 9! During my tenure as assistant coach, I noticed Bronx as the most passionate player on the team. He always wore his heart on his sleeve and was never afraid to slide, dive or take one for the team. Best wishes to you Bronx, and always remember that whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully! (2 Cor 9:6)"

God bless you,

-Coach Koch

"I have not had the opportunity to coach Bronx in my time with the Hustlers, however I have had the pleasure of watching him play, coach, and mature as an athlete and young man.


I always love watching Bronx coach because he brings an enthusiasm that is dear to my heart. Whether it's during a practice or helping coach during a game, Bronx is encouraging and energetic while never being shy about giving firm constructive criticism - in classic Fetter style!


My favorite moments around Bronx are probably when I hear him yell out some "Coach Fetter line" while he's coaching. "Hey, it's called catch not chase" or "The direction of your hat shows the direction of your life". I also enjoy razzing him about his "luscious" hair. 

Bronx is a delightful young man, a enthusiastic coach, and a hard working athlete. I look forward to following him in this next stage of his athletic career."


-Coach Sewing

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"My favorite thing about Bronx has nothing to do with his athletic ability.  It is the fact that he craves knowledge.  If something comes up on the field of play and doesn’t know why we are doing it a certain way he always wants to know why.  I love that about him.  He then tries to share his knowledge with the younger Hustlers.  His understanding of basketball, football, and baseball will give him a great advantage moving forward through his high school years."


-Coach Ryland

First off. When I first heard the name Bronx. I thought of New York of course I personally know no other person with the name. When I found out the family happen to be die-hard Yankee fans I was not surprised.


To the one and only. Bronx what I love about you most is your passion. You go all in when you are finally all in. What I mean to say is. Even if you don't love something. When you commit. You commit totally.Thank You for being a Guinea Pig for the Hustlers. Thank You for leaving your mark. All the times you have stepped up and been the guys. Thanks. I wish I knew you better. You are a fine young man with much to do. Whatever you do keep on Hustling.                          


In Christ Name,                                   

-Coach Rogers

"Bronx is a great kid with a fun loving personality who exhibits exactly what it takes to be a hustler. Regardless of the season or sport, he is a leader both on and off the field/court. Not only did he lead his teams with a competitive spirit he showed tremendous sportsmanship to other teams and players. He’s developed rapidly over the last couple years and I’m looking forward to seeing him lead the HC team in the next few years!" 

-Coach Eden

"When I first coached against Bronx he played with more passion and emotion for the game then pretty much all the other kids combined, which is a double edged sword. When he channels it right its awesome to watch and or be a part of." 

-Coach Wilkinson

Bronx 4.jpg

I've only been involved with Unfettered Athletics for three years now and its long enough to get to know Bronx well. I remember my first year seeing Bronx hanging around the field  or gym on Saturday's helping with practice for most ages. My thought was, why would he want to stay here all day when there were so many other things he could be doing. I learned quick that Bronx loved sports, being around the game and helping his dad whenever he could.  This was a good first impression.

Bronx is a good athlete, but his knowledge, leadership and passion of the game are what I've noticed most.  He studies the game and knows the rules well. It doesn't matter if it's football, baseball or basketball because you could always tell he just knew what to do.  These are three attributes that not everyone has and those that do build them over time.  It wasn't uncommon for Bronx to give guidance on the field similar to a coach.  He knew every play and where each player should be.  Many kids his age would only know their responsibility, but that wasn't Bronx.  This is one of the reason's he sticks out and will be one the most recognized Unfettered Athletes of all time. 

Bronx is a respectful young man.  He consistently asks if there was anything he can help with and never left a practice without helping clean up. There were only a handful of kids that consistently helped and Bronx was always one of them. Win or lose Bronx never blamed his teammates. He encouraged them to hang tough and never give up.   

Even though Bronx will no longer available to play for Unfettered Athletics, I hope that will still be involved.  Everyday he comes the field or gym he brings a smile and desire to have fun and improve.  The younger boys look up to him and for good reason. They see a older athlete who is successful and willing to help others. This is leadership.

-Coach Dingus

"I have only known Bronx for a short time, however in that time I have had the pleasure of getting to know Bronx and observe his true character as a Hustler and a young man. Bronx has wisdom beyond his years, he will make a great coach someday. Anyone who knows him or seen him play knows he wears his emotion on his sleeve. His passion for being successful is apparent to all who see him play. The one thing that has stood out to me is, he is a very coachable person. When a coach takes the time to really talk with him, he is very receptive. It has been a pleasure for me, in the short time I have known him, to be a part of the group of coaches that has been able to pour into Bronx’s life."


-Coach Schnitker

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