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Geoff Hubbard
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"I’ve been the Recreation Superintendent for the City of Council Bluffs for 9 years and in that time I’ve felt I’ve been a Hustler.  I’ve tried to grow the youth sports program and create an opportunity for every child in the community to experience sports at the basic fundamental level.  To learn the skills of the sport along with team work and socialization.  I’ve enjoyed watching kids start at teeball and then finish with Parks and Recreation and move onto their High School baseball or softball teams.  


In that time I’ve worked with the Fetters and saw the beginning of their UnFettered program.  I think they share the same ideals that I do in that they want to see as many

kids learn the skills of baseball, football, and basketball and get better as a player and a person with each game and each season.  


They have truly added to the betterment of the kids in the community and hope they

continue to do what they do long after I’m gone!"

-Geoff Hubbard


It would not be a stretch to say that there would be no UnFettered Athletics without Geoff Hubbard. Geoff is the CB Parks & Rec Superintendent who recruited me to coach that first season and several seasons thereafter. He is the best at what he does. He is organized, professional, a great communicator, available, open to critique, easy to work with, understanding, trusting, reliable, and much more.


There was a time when Geoff would give us the rosters/teams we would be coaching. Through the seasons, years, and our growth, we came to give him our rosters, and several each season. There were times when we may need 2-3 players to fill a roster and there were also times Geoff needed a place for 2-3 players, and we knew we could count on each other for either.


When the department decided to not offer flag football, Geoff was a big help with us taking this on and starting our own league. He helped direct people our way, helped us with fields for practice and play, and offered assistance with equipment and finding officials. He has always been helpful with our numerous baseball field rentals and has done a wonderful job accommodating our schedules for baseball, and basketball.


There have been several times we have bounced ideas off of each other. It is wonderful to work with someone of similar values and mission, who understands the true importance of youth athletics. He is much more than a business associate, Geoff is a great friend professionally and personally. For years he has Hustled behind the scenes for UnFettered Athletics and we are eternally grateful.


Geoff is moving on to make the same incredible impact in his hometown and although we are saddened to see him leave, we are excited for him and his family. Even though he doesn’t need it, we wish him the best of luck. He may have never donned the Yellow and Red, but he is forever a Hustler.


Keep Hustlin’ Hubbard.

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