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Darion Weilage

To me being a Hustler is more than being there. To me a Hustler has to be prepared and dedicated to everything that is thrown at you.. I like being a Hustler because the mental and physical support the sports and people bring to the field. Playing and having fun is always a good way to take your mind off things. The big man in charge was a huge help this year. He helped me with my patience and some other things. I look up to Coach Fetter because I know he is one person that has an understanding of what I am going through.

-Darion Weilage

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I remember when Darion first became a Hustler and some concerns he had. I explained how we were different than other teams on which he’d played. I think the fact that I addressed his concerns the way I did spoke to him of our uniqueness. The buy in to the Hustler way can be difficult because we do things differently than everyone else. It can be hard to go against the grain. It has been a joy to watch DJ struggle with this and to coach him in ways that are far more impactful than what happens on the field. It is awesome to see him develop as a Hustler and as a person. It is also fun to watch him play the game of baseball. He loves to play and plays well, but is also challenged by our coaching to do even better. He isn’t allowed to rest on his laurels and the growth and development he has had will carry into his high school athletic career, but more importantly into the rest of his life off of the field and other’s lives by his influence and leadership.


Darion’s initial concerns have been answered by his success. He’s experienced winning because he has had fun and got better. We are extremely grateful to have coached DJ for 2 seasons and look forward to having him involved in UFA in the future; passing on what he has learned to the next generation of Hustlers.  


-Coach Fetter

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