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End of Basketball Season Reflection

I was beginning to think that basketball season was getting pretty long. Today, as another team finished and we only have one left to play their tournament next week, I am missing it already. I want to be clear, “We coach kids.” I don’t miss basketball; I miss the players and families. As I reflect on the season and look forward to baseball I am excited about coaching those who will continue and those coming back for baseball. I will, however, miss those who won’t be joining us. Thank you for your efforts in basketball and hopefully you will join us again in the future.

Some, because of their ages are nearing the end of their Hustler career. It has been a joy and I look forward to watching from a distance as they grow from boys to young men. Others may be moving away and we hope that the UnFettered and Hustlemania experience has been a good one. It has been a joy for us.

To all of those that have supported us; whether it be volunteer coaching, running the scorebook or scoreboard, donating equipment, purchasing apparel or pictures, bringing treats, referring others, and most importantly entrusting us with your child, THANK YOU.

This is not our job, it is not a career or profession, we are not volunteers; this is our ministry. We feel incredibly blessed to be able to minister to the children and families that we do. Thank you again for the successful basketball season and all of the previous seasons. We are looking forward to baseball and our UnFettered Future!

Keep Hustlin’

-Coach Fetter

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