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UnFettered Athletics

We don’t coach sports; we coach kids. UnFettered Athletics does their best to put the “youth” back into youth sports and “play” back into playing sports. Many have experienced youth coaches that coach as if they were in the Super Bowl, or volunteer parents who don’t know much about coaching or the sport but were just willing to step up and help. We do our best to maintain a balance that will benefit the players, parents, coaches, and all involved. We use the sports of basketball, baseball, and flag football to coach kids and teach those lessons and values that will extend past their athletic career and into adulthood. We take this responsibility very seriously while keeping in mind that they will learn best if they are having a good time. This can be summed up in two of our top goals; have fun and get better.

We believe strongly in the importance and benefits of playing in multiple sports as well as having down time for family, other activities, and to recharge. Our teams play at a recreation level and focus more on player development off and on the field than scoring and winning games. We measure our success by how well we accomplish our goals of having fun and getting better. We do our best to give families a couple of weeks off between sport seasons and understand that sometimes practices or games will be missed for other priorities. We also stress the importance of commitment to one’s self and team, hard work and dedication, and respect and integrity.

UnFettered Athletics is owned and operated by Coach and Mrs. Fetter and we consider it our ministry. Our general roles are: Coach running on the field activities (players) and Mrs. Fetter handling things off the field (parents). We are incredibly humbled by the opportunity we have to reach families and impact our community.  Thank you for considering and choosing UnFettered Athletics.

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