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Christian Palmer

I am so excited for this month’s Hustler Highlight. Christian Palmer is truly deserving of the honor. He exemplifies much of what we teach, preach and practice Christian loves to play sports and we are pleased to give him a place to play. Other organizations may see his talent and push him to work sports, but his growth and development come from playing and having fun. 


I love that he is skilled, talented, and athletic. I love more that he is a great Hustler and although he loves to compete and win, he knows that it

comes secondary to other things. I enjoy the challenge he brings to our coaches and helping him to improve in areas where he needs work as opposed to asking him to just score. He knows well our expectation of him to be a good leader and teammate. He understands why this is valued over points and wins. He responds well to the toughness he receives and knows it is because he has set the bar high and our expectations for him are great.


I look forward to many more seasons of helping Christian to ‘UnFetter his Potential’ and watching his athletic career beyond UFA as well as watching him grow and develop off of the court as a person.


Keep Hustlin’ Palmer!

-Coach Fetter

I enjoy being a Hustler because of the wonderful coaching that I have received during practices.  The Hustler organization has been a great blessing to me and has helped me improve in my athletic ability. This organization has assisted me in being a more disciplined student in my school and has challenged me to be more of a leader in doing the right thing at all times.


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