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As much as being on the court isn’t my thing, Cael had so much fun. He talked about the parent scrimmage on the way home and couldn’t believe I was a little bit better than he thought I’d be. I appreciate all that has been done for him this season by Coach Fetter and Coach Beck and he can’t wait for baseball to begin. Go Hustlers!
-Gina mother of current Hustler Cael 2/2019
Justin and I are very excited for the flag football season. Being a part of the Hustler family has been, and I believe will continue to be, a positive experience.
Thanks for all you both do to make the Hustlers successful.
-Deb mother of current Hustler 8/2018
I think what you guys do for all of your teams and families is simply amazing! To say the least, you’re very motivating, inspiring, and truly a divine couple who teach more than just sports. You’re all around the best choice for our son’s coaches. People come into each other’s lives for reasons. Our son needed this experience and we look forward to the season ahead of us. 
-Tiffanie & Jesse parents of current Hustler Jesse 7/2018
You all have been a blessing! He’s loving basketball. Thanks for all your work!
-Mother of current Hustler Colin 2/2018
This is great, thank you! You're all doing an amazing job and we appreciate you letting us be a part of your UnFettered Family!
-Bailey Cullen mother of current Hustler Jackson 1/2018
I just want to thank you for giving Michael a chance in experiencing a sports team with structure. You give him a reason to want to play the sports! He is a very hard kid to keep focused. He is truly excited every time I tell him he has practice or a game! I first saw UnFettered Athletics during T-Ball. Michael played for Parks and Rec. I remember watching the UFA team play and being amazed at how well it was organized and how the kids were actually being taught positions! It was amazing. I quickly looked it up and started signing him up for flag football. My hope is to keep Michael wanting to strive for more. I am extremely happy to have found you guys and can't wait to see where Michael goes from here! Again, thank you for all you do and all you stand for!
-Kyla Jastorff mother of current Hustler Michael 1/2018
Loved not keeping score for the younger players!!! Love it, love it, love it!
Side note one of the reasons we left another program was due to their relentless need to win at every age level and sport. Rec sports should be about fun, learning and competition (vs always winning). This is one of the reasons we have stayed with UnFettered Athletics and I am glad to see you are working to ensure your program values are being maintained
-Sarah mother of current Hustler 1/2018
Caydens first year playing with you what a great experience it was. Very positive it wasn't all about the best players being on the field at all times it was more learning to play the game and to play as a team.
-Melissa Mcginnis mother of current Hustler 1/2018
Thank you so much for your leadership and enthusiasm for “America’s Pastime”. I know the lessons learned will last them (and me) a lifetime. God bless you and your ministry!
-Jim Koch baseball assistant, father of Tommy and Jimmy, 2 seasons as Hustlers 1/2018
Last football game of the season! Such an awesome group of young men. Thank you Coach Fetter for the nice words that you said about each of the boys. The fact that you take the time and say something to each of the boys as you give them their medals is one of my favorite things you do. Proud to be a part of such a great organization.
-Trisha mother of current Hustler Brayden 10/2017
Great people great program for kids.
-Angie mother of former Hustler 10/2017 
Thank you guys for being different!
-Amy Jackson mother of current Hustler 10/2017
Today was 'Favorite Sports Team' Isaiah said he was going to wear his Hustlers shirt because...."It's the best!"
-Current Hustler 10/2017
These are 2 great people making a great impact on our children. Thank you for everything you do Andrew and Crystal Fetter.
-Crystal McPeck mother of current Hustlers 10/2017
You and Andrew have done a wonderful job with your organization.
-Jackie Wahl 10/2017 
I'm so proud of you guys! In not going to lie, I'm hoping my son will be a Hustler when he starts playing. Keep being great so my son can participate in all the wonderful things you do.
-Tiffany Wilson 10/2017
As a parent, when signing my son up for sports I have two intentions: for my son to be happy and to succeed. With Unfettered Athletics you get both. Coach Fetter has a way of commanding the players attention and teaching first and foremost teamwork, discipline and following direction. We couldn't be happier with Unfettered Athletics and the family that makes it happen.
-Kellie Aldmeyer, mother of current Hustler Ryan 7/2017
We were just bragging about Andrew last week and how we miss him as a coach! He teaches kids more than just a sport! He has had a very good impact in our lives! I hope he continues; kids and parents really do need him!!!!!
-Sandy Graybill; mother of Connor (Hustler Basketball Player ’12-‘14) 12/2016
You guys do a fantastic job- not only coaching, but with communication. I've never been a part of an organization that offered even half of what you do! Keep up all your hard and great work because we APPRECIATE IT!
-Kendra Hollenbach, mother of current Hustler Jayce 12/2016
This was my son's first experience with team sports. I saw so much growth in his skills both on & off the field. The coaches & his teammates were great & any time I had a question or concern, the coach responded in a timely & professional manner. It was a great experience & we will definitely continue with UnFettered Athletics in the future.
-Stacy Acox, mother of current Hustler Jackson 11/2016
Note from current Hustler
Current Hustler Brayden 
John and I compare every coach that our kids have had to Coach Fetter and his staff. They are exceptional. They teach good skills and techniques. Good sportsmanship, fun, and best of all respect to the coaches and other teammates.
-Sandy Graybill, mother of former Hustler Connor 8/2015
The Hustlers/UnFettered Athletics have several teams that they put through the Parks Department in every sport, roughly 2-3 teams per league, and have been doing so for as long as I’ve been here. They are easy to work with and genuinely have the kids’ best interest at heart when it comes to the sport itself. They want to see the kids succeed just as you would with your own. Anyone considering them won’t be disappointed.
-Sarah Allen, Council Bluffs Parks and Rec Department 8/2015
My son joined the Fetter team just by chance when I signed up for Parks and Rec basketball a good three years ago. Andrew and the other coaches have been amazing to the children and they have learned so much over the years and through different sports. They have set rules and expectations that they follow for every child; there is no favoritism on the team. This allows everyone to participate and learn the game of which ever sport they are in that season. I love watching the children’s faces when they finally hit the baseball, catch the football, or make a hoop after hours of practicing. I have stuck with them because they are able to get through to my son and keep him motivated every time he is with them. They treat every child like that child is their own, and that is something that is hard to find when looking for coaches and programs. They are truly one of a kind, and I will stick with them as long as I possibly can.
-Jennifer Fauble, Mother of former Hustler Trystan 8/2015
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