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Gavin Spears

“Being a Hustler is more than sports. Coach Fetter teaches us to be patient and calm to make me a better person and a good team player. We help each other learn.” 

-Gavin Spears

Gavin has been a Hustler for only four seasons, however he has quickly become a veteran. He is almost always alert and aggressive and it does not go unnoticed by teammates and coaches. He is a leader by the way he plays the game and even older kids look up to and admire him. He makes the whole team better as his hustle is infectious and his teammates  work and play harder as he does. 

He listens well, picks up on plays, schemes, his role, and most importantly culture and character. Gavin will do whatever is asked of him and he will do it with his greatest effort. He is a joy to coach and we are proud to have him as a Hustler. 


-Coach Fetter

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